Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Welcome to "A Citizen's Resistance"

Welcome to the first installment of "A Citizen's Resistance."

It's come to a point in our nation's history that I feel we're at a crossroads: we're somewhere in between what we came to know as the United States of America, and now what we are now evolving into. I feel, and have felt for quite a time that the opinion of myself and other's in my age grouping (25 - 35) truly need to be spoken, and that for a few reasons; first we're the next generation, and in 20 years it'll be our country, second because of the unbelievable events of the past few years, and the lack of communication about it, and third due to the fact of the frightening percentage of people in this country that either don't vote, or don't talk about politics on any level (state, local or federal).

I'll be the first to admit that as a 27 year old, there are plenty of things I have yet to learn. However, there are other things I have strong opinions about, and there are tons of happenings going on today that leave me quite breathless. I see things as the Iraq War, the importance put onto religion (not just Islam, but all 3 of the major religions), the filling of our multiple 24 hour news outlets with ridiculous tabloid stories, and the sad apathy that grips our nation, at least on both of our coasts, as all things that only make our country weaker, dumber and less empowered.

People today care about themselves, their clothing, their bank accounts and their possessions more than they care about their leaders, the impoverished and the happenings in other countries that easily directly affect us. Ronald Reagan once said that it was morning in America. I sadly see it as a mourning of America; a mourning of the once loud, proud nation for now a self-indulged grouping of either people who care too much about their Church, people who just flat out don't care, or people who have something to say, but just never get the gusto to actually say it.

There are plenty of issues in our country, any of which can effect us in countless ways. Just the changing of the average overall temperature one degree can cause a world of difference in many simple scenarios. One can only imagine how the changing of Middle Eastern power, types of fuel and government representatives can truly effect us as a whole.

All of these topics I'll be discussing and arguing in the future. I look forward to continuing this column, and I look forward to you reading it.

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